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Visiting London. The best highlights

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London is a great place to visit. When you want to come to London soon, check the most interesting attractions of this wonderful city. You can also see them with stunning escorts. These beautiful girls can become your best guide to London's attractions!
London is the capital and largest city of Great Britain and England. Situated on the River Thames, London is a mixture of nationalities and cultures. What is most associated with London today is likely to be Big Ben, the conservative royal monarchy, red telephone booths, black taxis, and distinctive two-storey city buses. What to pay special attention to?
London Eye
Big Ferris wheel - one of London's most important attractions - provides spectacular views across London.
Buckingham Palace
Royal family’s residence - a stunning baroque building, the largest royal palace in the world, still inhabited by the monarchs. Usually not available to visitors, however, it is open during August and September. Ceremonial change of the guard takes place in front of the palace.
Clock Tower and Palace of Westminster
The seat of the Parliament of Great Britain and the clock tower commonly known as Big Ben, but actually Big Ben is the name of the main bell tower in this tower.
St. Paul Cathedral
Anglican temple, one of the largest in the world. Built on the model of St. Peter's Basilica in Rome.
Tower of London
Royal fortress. Built over 900 years ago, it contains royal treasures and is guarded by traditional guards.
London Tower Bridge
A London drawbridge, often incorrectly called the London Bridge, comes from the XIX century and it is raised on average 600 times a year. The towers of the bridge host a museum of its history, and the top deck, now open for tourists, has a beautiful view of the River Thames.
Westminster Abbey
Abbey, cathedral, crowning place of kings from 1066 (recently crowned - Queen Elizabeth II in 1953).
Madame Tussauds
A big collection of wax figures depicting entertainers, royal families, athletes, and other characters.
British Museum
The largest collection of antique exhibits from around the world - offers a permanent exhibition and an interesting selection of temporary exhibitions. Free entrance.
National Gallery
A rich collection of over 2300 paintings from the 14th to the 19th centuries. Free entrance.
Victoria And Albert Museum
Largest art museum in the world - over 4.5 million exhibits. Free entrance.
Natural History Museum
Dinosaur skeletons, various botanical and zoological displays, and interactive exhibit - for example, we can experience simulated earthquake. Free entrance.
Tate Modern
Gallery of modern art located in the former power station of Bankside Power Station. Free entrance.
These are just some of the attractions available in London - there are many more! Actually, London offers many great deals for every tourist and locals at every step.
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